Neil McNeill Paranormal Research
Neil McNeil Paranormal Research
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Neil offers several classes and workshops that are designed to be fun and factual, and that challenge common views of the paranormal. Students are introduced to the science of parapsychology and the study of psi phenomena, including current theories about ESP, psychokinesis, and the survival of bodily death; the nature of hauntings, apparitions, and poltergeists; the history of psychical research through the present day; modern approaches to field investigation; and scientific investigative protocols for fieldwork in psi research.

Neil is also available for lecture presentations and other speaking engagements. Contact him for more information.

Calendar of Classes & Events

Please contact me if you have trouble registering for any classes.

April 11th - 13th - Oregon City, OR
Oregon Ghost Conference
Guest Speaker
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April 16th - April 23rd, Wednesday evenings - Seattle, WA
"Paranormal Studies I"
Parapsychology for ghost hunters
6 - 9 pm (two 3 hour classes) $79
North Seattle Community College
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April 19th, Saturday - Poulsbo, WA
"Watery Graves: Phantoms of the Deep"
Set sail for paranormal tales on the high seas
1 - 4 pm, $65
Poulsbo Parks & Recreation Community Center
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To register, call (360) 779-9898

May 23rd - 25th, Memorial Day Weekend - SeaTac, WA
PNW Paracon 2014 (part of Crypticon Seattle)
Guest speaker
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May 31st, Saturday - Poulsbo, WA
"Northwest Haunted Hotspots"
Learn the secrets of haunted sites around Puget Sound
1 - 4 pm, $65
Poulsbo Parks & Recreation Community Center
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To register, call (360) 779-9898